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What Should I Buy Now? (White Blouse Edition)

We are in between Winter and Spring. It’s too late to buy cold weather clothes, but not warm enough for warm weather attire, so what do you buy now? A great white blouse!
After a few years dominated by shells, camis and tanks, the classic white blouse is experiencing a renaissance and there are a million ways and reasons to wear it.

The classic white blouse works right now. You can layer it with a sweater when it’s a little chilly,

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Or put it with a jacket and boots.

Source: StylesWeekly

A scarf is one of the easiest ways to layer, especially on those days that are cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.


As the days get warmer you just throw it on with jeans,


And on the warmest days it’s even great with shorts!

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You can dress it up for a more formal occasion.

It can be a power look for the office.

It’s part of a power, tailored, luxury feel.

It’s great with a skirt.

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It can be very high fashion.

Or it can be a more classic, preppy look.

It’s super chic casual,

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and everyday casual.

A great white blouse is ageless, confident and always beautiful.
It can be more tailored,

Source: Dressing Vintage
Source: Dressing Vintage

it  can be more feminine,

Or more “swing style.”


But whatever it is, there’s something amazing about the possibilities in a great….

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As you can see, there is almost no wrong way to wear a white blouse this season.

Your mission, should you choose to accept:
1. Go to your closet and see what white blouses you have.
2. See if any are stained or damaged and need to go.
3. Launder and dry clean the ones that need it.
4. Try them on and see which ones fit and you are comfortable in.
5. Evaluate what you have, so you know what you can add for this season.
6. Do a little shopping!

And, you’re welcome! Lol!!!! 🙂