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How to Determine Your Bracelet Size

This is WRIST sizes, not bracelet sizes. Please read carefully and measure your wrist with a tape measure so it is helpful. 😊

We talked to our friends in Italy about bracelet sizing. I know it is the source of a lot of questions as a bracelet of the same length will fit differently depending on many factors. I asked them to give me what circumference of wrist each size of bracelet is meant to fit.
This is what they said:
A small is made to fit a wrist that is
5 1/2″ to 6 ” in circumference.
A medium bracelet is made to fit a wrist that is 6″ to 6 3/4″ in circumference.
A large is made to fit a wrist that is 7″ to 7 3/4″ in circumference.

I thought this would be helpful as the factories are making the fit to be consistent so if you know the circumference of your wrist, you will know what size to order no matter what the construction of the bracelet is. 🙂
Hope this helps!