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How to Decorate a Fall Tree!

I know some of us can’t resist putting up our Stars in the Sky Christmas Tree(Coming back soon!) already and I’m here to show you how you can effortlessly bring that wow factor to the fall season! Incorporating the warm hues of burgundy and orange with the green of the tree, you’ll completely forget this is a “Christmas” tree! It might feel a little unconventional at first but when it all comes together your tree will look absolutely stunning, and if you love my tree I will show you exactly how I put this look together!

I wanted to start from the top, instead of a traditional star or angel I made my own topper with  my signature floral hydrangeas, rosehip, gingko and eucalyptus bouquet. All you need to do is put them in the tree and they stay, totally amazing and so unique but it doesn’t stop there. 

Trailing down the tree I brought in some texture we have these gorgeous velvet pumpkins that are available in four colors, and not one, not two, but three different sizes! The velvet on these pumpkins remind me of cozy fall nights and it gets better, these pumpkins are lightweight so they won’t weigh down your branches. Along with our pumpkins we have more of these signature floral arrangements adding some great dimension throughout. No matter where you choose to put these florals they will completely elevate the look of your tree. 

Now if you’re ready for something I bet you’ve never seen before, I fixed one of the set of 3 brown nesting tobacco baskets to the tree! I put one of the pumpkins in the basket and added my flameless amber candles with glass hurricanes which come in a set of two or three. If you’re going to do this look just remember to fix the top and bottom of the basket to the branch, we don’t want any falling candles!   

Coming down we see more of these pumpkins and hydrangeas. Incorporating the larger tobacco basket and some more of the candles and pumpkins. All the way down we can see these floral arrangements. Wherever you look this tree is just so fabulous and I think I might love this tree more than some of the Christmas trees I’ve seen. This fall tree really just shows you it doesn’t matter the season, all you need is a little imagination! Whatever look you decide to go with I can guarantee we are going to have what you need to bring your vision into reality!