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What I’ve Been Wearing This Spring

A lot of you have been asking about the outfits I’ve had on repeat this Spring, so I thought I would write this blog so you could see all of the details in one place!

I find that I only need a few key pieces each season and then to be honest, I just keep wearing them because I love them so much! When you find something that works, there’s no reason to mess with a good thing 🙂

One of the first pieces I fell in love with this Spring is this pink tiered blouse. I love how feminine it is, how flowy it is, and how soft and beautiful the color is. It goes with everything from white jeans to dark denim and it’s silk so it feels great against your skin!


This year I have really been embracing the cold shoulder trend. It’s a great way to show a little bit of skin without going overboard and I really think it is flattering for everyone!

This black and pink floral cold shoulder blouse is one of my favorites. I reach for it a few times a week! It is romantic, feminine, lightweight, and super versatile. You can dress it up or down, and it’s perfect for almost any weather! I’ve worn it everywhere from Italy, to Charleston, and to Las Vegas!

Another one of my favorite cold shoulder tops is this one. It’s similar to the one above, but it has some more ruffles and the sleeves are fuller and more of a bell sleeve (which is totally in style!).

You might have noticed that all 3 tops I just talked about all have floral patterns, and some form of ruffles. I think that floral is arguably the hottest pattern right now – from large floral, to small floral, neutral colored to brightly colored, if it’s floral, it’s in style! Ruffles are a great way to add visual interest to any piece; it’s fun and adds movement!


Okay, now let’s talk about white jeans. I really struggled to find white jeans that were flattering, but then I found these! The fit is so flattering, the cuffed style is perfect, and they just hug you in all of the right places without being too tight or see through. I know that these jeans are super limited in sizing right now, but here is another pair that is the same (just a brighter white)!


I hope this helps answer a lot of your questions! Now, before you yell at me, I realize that these pieces aren’t necessarily cheap. For me, I find that it works better to invest a little in some higher quality pieces that I can mix and match with lots of different looks. Also remember that this is inspiration – you can take these ideas and find great florals, ruffles, cold shoulder tops, and white jeans at whatever price point works for you 🙂

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