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Son Jung Wan NYFW 2016

There are times when you are not really familiar with a designer before a show, then after the show you’re thinking, “Where have I been?!”

Son Jung Wan was one of those shows. She was born and raised in South Korea, majored in Industrial Craft at University, then attended Design School.

She opened a little shop across the street from a large department store. In only one year, the department store offered her her own shop in their store.

She is now one of South Korea’s most successful designers. Her designs are sold in high end boutiques in the U.S., and in over 50 department stores in South Korea.

She has an amazing range of style, texture, fabric and color. There were beautiful pieces throughout the collection, but here are a few themes.

She anchored her collection in soft, beautiful, muted colors,

All Images: The Official NYFW App

Or black anchored with these colors or ivory

She mixes textures and fabrics beautifully and in unexpected ways.

Her pants were a hybrid of a pant and a skirt.

And I love that she does men’s clothes as well.

Amazing fabric and materials, luxurious lines and textures. I loved seeing it and now you can too!