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Rose Gold and Rich Colors Christmas Tree

It’s our first Christmas boutique of the season and I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! 2020 has been quite a year and I feel like this year, everyone needs even more holiday cheer than normal. So don’t be afraid to get in the holiday spirit and start thinking about sipping some hot cocoa while you trim your tree.

I wanted the first tree I decorated to be something rich, elegant, and something that would be beautiful for Fall and Thanksgiving too! So I present to you……The Rose Golds and Rich Colors Christmas Tree!  (After the video I’ll give you more details on what I used).


Okay, hopefully you’re inspired! Here’s how I did it…….

I started with the Leaf and Pinecone Garland. This garland is SO beautiful! In the picture of the full tree, you can really see how it just wraps around beautifully and adds a whole new dimension to the tree. Here’s a closeup of some of the elements on it and then I know it’s not the most exciting photo, but the one on the white background gives you a better idea of the whole thing!


Then, I had a lot of different sprays and picks to work with which really helped to fill out the tree. If you know me, you know I can never ever have too many sprays on my trees!! Now just something to note here – all of these pieces coordinate beautifully. Of course you don’t need ALL of them ( I mean if you want to get them all, I’m not going to stop you haha!), but what I’m trying to say is that if you pick 2, they will go together perfectly. Any two! They are all meant to make this easy and achievable for you 🙂 I promise it’s not that hard!

Okay, so here are the sprays I used:

Set of 2 Leaf and Pinecone Sprays: this matches the garland perfectly!



Set of 6 Gold Pine Sprays: These have the most beautiful shine!! And they are so full!! They are also easy to position. I made mine look almost like starbursts or fireworks coming up and out from the sides of the tree.

Then there are the Rose Eucalyptus Sprays and the Rose Leaf Sprays. These are hands down some of the most beautiful sprays I have ever seen and worked with. They are full of the most stunning shimmering rose gold leaves. They have the same color and texture, the main difference is the shape and type of leaf. I would be happy to keep ALL of these for myself haha!

Now it’s time for ornaments!!! Sometimes the most unexpected combinations are the most beautiful and that’s how I feel about the ornament on this tree! Somehow the mix of rose, pink, blue, and red is just stunning!!!

Large Soft Pink Iridescent Ornaments: These are so grand, so impressive, and the prettiest color! They have a sugared texture which I just love.


Large Soft Pink Iridescent Translucent Glass Ornaments: These are works of art! Once again, they are large and grand, and they have the prettiest iridescent finish. The perfect finishing touch is the strands of glass around the ornaments for texture and dimension.

Detailed Ball and Onion Ornaments: These come in Red and Blue, and they are perfection!!! The shapes, the size, the dimension, the white accents, just everything about them is gorgeous!!


Set of 4 Large Glass Ornaments: These have a beautiful verdigris with burgundy and gold shining through. They’re a good size, so they really show up!

I love using bigger pieces as “ornaments” on my trees, and these Metal Bells were perfect! They would also be really beautiful at the end of a stairway or on either side of a garland on the mantel.


Last but definitely not least are the Glass Pinecone Ornaments! These come in a set of 6 and you get a blend of 3 colors. They are so pretty!

And that’s how I created my Rose Golds and Rich Colors Christmas Tree! You can find all of the pieces I used here. I hope you love it as much as I do!! Happy decorating!