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A Royal Burgundy, Red, and Champagne Christmas Tree

I started decorating this tree during a Live Facebook show (you can watch that HERE), and ever since, everyone has been asking about it! Whenever you love my trees, it is such a compliment because decorating for Christmas really is one of my passions in life. Since the live show, I have added a bit to the tree and I think the finished piece is stunning. I always get questions about how I did it, so here’s your answer!
Now, first I have to remind you….do NOT be afraid to mix red and burgundy! For some reason, I always get asked if mixing them is okay and my answer is a thousand percent yes!!! It is the most beautiful combination! This tree is done in burgundy, red, champagne, and pops of silver. Oh, and for reference, this is a 9ft tree šŸ™‚
First, I did the ribbon. ThisĀ Burgundy and Gold Dotted Luxury Wired Christmas Ribbon is exquisite. It is so easy to work with. Good ribbon makes such a difference! You won’t be fighting with this one because it just keeps its shape beautifully.
Then after the ribbon comes the branches and the florals!
TheĀ Champagne Glittering Sprays are such a wow!! They have all different sizes of crystals and they just sparkle beautifully. I love layering them with other branches; the layered effect really creates an elegant look.

The Sparkling Twig Sprays are totally encrusted with crystals. Each one has so many branches and they add so much sparkle to your tree.

The Burgundy Magnolia Leaf Sprays and the Burgundy Velvet Holly Sprays are so rich and stunning. They have the most intense, beautiful coloring and the elements on them are just gorgeous. These are what I layered with the Champagne Glittering Sprays.

Christmas florals are so beautiful, I always have a hard time picking a favorite. I weed through so many in order to find the ones that are worthy enough of bringing to you, and the ones we have for you this year are better than ever before!!
When I saw theĀ Luxury Burgundy Magnolia Blooms it was love at first sight. I can’t even put into words how beautiful these are. There are so many petals, so much sparkle, so much detail, and so much dimension. Everything about them is just perfect. I would be happy to do a whole tree in just these! They’re that stunning!

Also stunning are theĀ Burgundy Velvet Poinsettias! Nothing says Christmas like poinsettias and these are gorgeous. They have a mix of fabric and velvet petals which really gives them great dimension. All the petals are trimmed in glitter which is the perfect finishing touch!

Now, it’s time for ornaments!!!! The ornaments on this tree are all so special, don’t ask me to choose a favorite!
TheĀ Red Iridescent Glass Ornaments are the candy apple red ornaments everyone has been talking about. You get 3 different shapes, they are nice and large, and they have such a cool dimensional effect while still being completely smooth on the outside. I don’t know how they did it, but I’m glad they did!

Then for some sparkle, I used the Dazzling Multicolor Embellished Red Glass Ornaments. These are so fun, so festive, and they just add so much to your tree!!

The Red Beaded Glass Icicles are bold, rich, and they are beautiful from top to bottom. The top has jeweled beading that sparkles and shines and then the icicle is done in a red mercury glass. These are some of my favorite ornaments to use on lots of trees!

Now, I always get asked about the ornaments I use to fill in my trees, and here they are! They are the Large Reflector Glass Ornaments and they make SUCH a difference in your tree!

See, that wasn’t so hard šŸ˜‰ Just approach it one step at a time and before you know it, you’ll have created one of the most beautiful trees you’ve ever seen!


You can see all of the pieces I used in one place HERE.


Happy decorating!