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A Vintage Christmas

When I was little, my favorite time of year was Christmas and it wasn’t because of the presents. I loved the lights, the beauty and the magic that my mother always made. I think everyone remembers the wonder of Christmas when they were a child and this collection will let you bring it all back in the most beautiful, charming way.


I used the Tabletop Tinsel Tree as the focal point for this collection. I love the nostalgic feel, the color, and the size. It’s perfect for a foyer table, a side table, or anywhere you have a little space for some Christmas cheer!

When we were shopping for our Christmas collection, I instantly fell in love with the Mini Reflector Ornaments. They are just a blast from the past with so many beautiful details. They are so pretty and you get 25 of them!!!!! They are the perfect way to bring a nostalgic feel to any tree; they are a touchstone with your childhood in the prettiest way.

I also love the Vintage Glass Garland because it is so different from anything I have seen in the world of Christmas decor. It features rich and beautiful glass beads with warm gold, orange, green, and red tones. It looks like you just stepped back in time and I think it is just gorgeous on a tree or garland. I think once you get one, you’ll love it so much, you’ll wish you had more, so this is one piece I would highly recommend grabbing a few of!

The Vintage Santa Ornaments are a set of 6 beautifully detailed Santas in glass and they are the most charming, vintage finishing touch for your tree. I love them! Santa’s face is just peaceful and sweet, and I love the mercury glass look and feel.

None of my themes are complete without European glass ornaments, and for this one, I knew the Sparkling Snowflake European Glass Ornaments would be perfect. They are the beautiful quality and craftsmanship you have come to love. They are all made and detailed by hand by European craftsmen and are a true collectors piece. This ornament is so rich and beautiful in all 3 colors, it will make your tree. Whether you are doing a lodge theme, winter wonderland, classic Christmas, vintage Christmas or any other theme, these will be the prettiest thing on your tree!


I put them on the Spiral Ornament Tree which is coming up soon!! (It’s a must-have so stay tuned)

To extend my decor past my tree, I used two pieces; the The Merry and Bright Glitter Cottage  and the Nostalgic Lighted Vintage Santa Scene.

The Merry and Bright Glitter Cottage is the perfect nostalgic touch with the rich colors and all the sparkle. You can light it or leave it as is, and it is simply gorgeous and charming. I love the details; there are bottle brush trees, a wreath, a reindeer and more. The more you look at it, the more beautiful things you notice. 

The Nostalgic Lighted Vintage Santa Scene is so sweet! You have an old fashioned Santa in the living room with a glowing fire in the fireplace, Christmas lights and decorated Christmas Tree that spins. So charming!!!!!! I think this is a piece that children would find especially magical. 

If you’re like me and you still dream of the Christmases you loved as a child, then this collection is the perfect way to reminisce and bring a little bit of that nostalgic Christmas magic back into your home.


Here’s one more look at the tree; I hope you love it!