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A Sweet Christmas Collection

I love bringing you different Christmas collections that cover a wide variety of themes and styles of decor. One of the first ones I wanted to launch this year is this Candyland inspired collection. It’s sweet, charming, and lots of fun.

Here’s the tree (it’s tough to really capture in a picture – in person it’s much better!).



For the tree, I used a white flocked Stars in the Sky Christmas Tree because it is just dreamy and it was perfect for this theme. I layered feathers and cedar branches to add more dimension and sparkle. In my opinion, a tree is never complete without some beautiful branches!


Then to turn it into a candy themed tree, I used a variety of our ornaments (I like to say it’s a suite of sweet treats). The Iced Donut Ornaments are great because they are amazing pops of color. They are also pretty sizable but lightweight, so they just fill in any empty space perfectly. I love how the beads look just like sprinkles!



I also used the Ice Cream Cone ornaments which I just love because come on…..everyone loves ice cream!! But, the ornament that I think really makes it feel like Candyland is the Candy Castle. This is whimsical, a little bit of fantasy, and just so pretty in pink, It’s detailed from every side, and I just love it.

The Beaded Santa Ornaments aren’t specifically candy-themed, but they were the perfect color to use with this collection. They have a sweet, vintage feel to them, and they are so beautifully detailed; I am going to be treasuring these for a long time!

Then, you know how much I love my European glass ornaments, so of course I wanted to incorporate some in this theme. The Cupcake Inspired Ornaments were perfect!! They are a mix of fun and elegance, and they have just the right amount of sparkle. The fact that each one is handmade makes them even more special.

The tree needed some finishing touches, so I used the Sparkling Starbursts. These are so cool, I can’t even express how much I love them! Each one is basically a glittering starburst on a pick that you can place anywhere in your tree. It adds so much dimension and interest. I love them throughout the tree, and I tend to use one on top as a tree topper!


Here’s a picture of them on another tree (plus a glimpse at some treasures coming up!).

You can’t stop your decorating with your tree; one of the most fun parts of decorating for Christmas is decorating your mantels, sideboards, etc! For this sweet theme, I wanted to introduce one of the most beautiful, grand, gingerbread houses we’ve ever had. It’s the Grand Candy Lighted Gingerbread House and it looks like the gingerbread house I wish I could make! There are so many details, so many different types of candy, and when you turn it on, it illuminates beautifully! The perfect companions to the house are the Gingerbread Trees. They are just as sweet and beautifully detailed.


I also used Santa’s Sweet Shop Water Lantern. I love water lanterns because they are such sweet vignettes that just take me back to my childhood for some reason! This one is made to look like a little shoppe and it’s just as beautiful on the outside as it is inside.

I hope you love this sweet Christmas collection just as much as I do! Now I’m craving candy, so I think it’s time for a snack!