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A Silver, Gold, and Gorgeous Christmas Tree!

Something about doing a tree in all metallics is just so ethereal, elegant, and magical. It’s a theme I look forward to decorating in every year! I started decorating this tree in a Facebook Live, and even though I only spent about 2 hours on it, it still turned out beautifully! If you have a little more time, it would be even better!

This tree is anchored by the Luxury Gold and White Sparkling Wired Christmas Ribbon. This is a 9 foot tree and everything you see on the tree is just 1 bolt of ribbon. It just curves, twists, and holds its shape so beautifully. Good ribbon is so important and this is the best of the best! It makes the tree look like the prettiest present ever!

After the ribbon, I added the Shiny Gold Magnolia Leaf Garland. This garland is PERFECTION. I love the shininess, the way it reflects and catches light, and how easy it is to work with. This is great on a tree, but it would also be perfect on a pre-lit garland on a mantel or a staircase.


We also have branches that match the garland perfectly. They are the Shiny Gold Magnolia Leaf Sprays and they are so full and gorgeous!

Now it’s time for branches!! The Glitter Leaf Sprays were one of the stars of our Christmas in July. They sold out in a heartbeat, but we have them again! They’re back in the Silver and we added Gold!!! These have so much sparkle, so much shine, and they are super full so they really fill up the tree.

Then there are the Champagne Magnolias and wow, these are gorgeous. They are just fully encrusted in a sugared, sparkling, textured finish that is absolutely stunning. Each one has so many layers of petals and they are large and impressive. They’re some of the prettiest Christmas florals!

Last but definitely not least are the ornaments! Our European Glass ornaments are the pieces we travel across the Atlantic Ocean to find for you. We go to Europe and choose the best of the best to bring you. Each ornaments is handmade/hand blown glass and hand painted by European artisans, and then our team hand wraps each one for you. It’s a labor of love in every way, but they are true Christmas treasures!

The Frosted Winter White Sugared Top European Glass Ornaments are a set I fell in love with because of the gorgeous sugared top. Something about it is just so perfect and beautiful. You get 3 frosted finish and 3 high polished finish in this set!

The Luxurious Gold Swirl European Glass Ornaments have the most detailed, exquisite, stunning hand painted design done in shades of gold, champagne, and pearl.  They are so elegant, I just love them!

It’s important to have a variety of shapes and sizes in your ornaments, and that’s why the Large Glitter Net Glass Ornaments are so perfect. They are really big and impressive. You get a round and a teardrop and they are both done in a gold frosted finish with a net glitter all the way around.

See, that wasn’t so hard! Just a few steps to the perfect tree! Now one thing I want to remind you…..although this entire tree is done in metallics, one of the beauties of working with metallic pieces is that they will go with any theme! So maybe you decorate in Reds and Burgundies…..these metallics will be perfect with that! Just choose a few special pieces that speak to you and incorporate them into your favorite color scheme!


Happy decorating!