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On the Fringe of Fashion

I think Fringe is one of the best new trends in fashion. First of all, it just looks like a lot of fun. It has movement, it has drama, and it kind of makes it look like every day is a celebration. It is also a noticeably new look, as opposed to a new way of pairing what you already have.

All the pictures are from Intermix, as they have done an especially great job with the fringe trend.

If you like the trend, but are not sure about jumping in with both feet, start with an accessory!
It is easy to add one accessory with fringe and you have that fresh look. It could be something as simple as a necklace,
A bracelet,
a belt
a bag
a shoe
Or even a rainboot!

But there will be no shortage of ways to wear it or carry it this Spring.

If you want to go bolder, get one signature item of clothing, like a bold skirt,
Or a jacket
The longer fringe pieces tend to be bolder and more dramatic. The shorter fringe pieces can be a little more understated and be a little easier to wear. Add a short fringe top and you won’t have to worry about anything getting caught in the car door!

Last but not least, for the brave and/or confident, you can wear more than one piece with fringe at a time.

Notice that when you are wearing more than one piece, the fringe is done differently. With this bold, long fringe skirt she pairs a short fringe bootie.
With this longer fringe skirt, she pairs a belt with one strip of long fringe. These are both great examples of layering.

So, if there’s one new thing you want to add this season, I would recommend it be something in fringe. It goes with what you already have, it’s an obvious, fun way to update, and you’ll be really bummed if you miss it : )

Here’s another link to Intermix if you’d like to find any of the pieces pictured in this blog.