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NYFW 2016: Mathieu Mirano, a Fresh Face in Fashion

Mathieu Mirano is an amazing young man. He attended the Huntington School of Fine Arts, then Parsons and at the age of 19 created a capsule collection of 9 designs that had the fashion world buzzing! He launched his Mathieu Mirano line the following year and after only about 5 years in the business has already dressed celebrities like Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie and Zoe Kravitz. 

This NYFW he created a presentation to showcase his new collection. 

It is meant to invoke the inspiration for the line. In his 3rd trip to Egypt, he was inspired by the sand storms in the desert. Standing in the swirling wind, feeling the pattern of the movement of the air, he envisioned the swirls of wind and what they would look like. The presentation was a nod to the drama and beauty of the desert that inspired him.

This collection incorporates the swirling lines to reflect the wind,

The beautiful ombre he is known for,

As well as his amazing attention to detail in beading.

And details like fringe done in a beautiful way.

By the way, those are real tortoises walking around in the presentation. This one couldn’t get over how good they looked in the mirror! 

I don’t know how those models stood in sand in high heels for 2 hours and didn’t pay the tortoises any mind!

He is a charming, kind, talented young man. He was kind enough to give us an interview, so you can get to know him a little as well. 

Here it is: