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La Petite Robe NYFW 2016: An All Time Fave

I was going to give you the history of  “Chiara Boni La Petite Robe.” But quite honestly, the clothes speak for themselves. I love this line! I have a few of the dresses and would have an entire closet full of it if I could.

Her signature fabric, her draping, her fit….all second to none. There are probably more newscasters, celebrities, socialites and fashion savvy women wearing this line right now then any other line I can think of.

I was so excited to be able to see her show. In fact, I was sitting right behind Fran Drescher! Marlene sent me this picture, which I thought was very funny.

Image: People StyleWatch

I was not sure what this show was going to offer, as all the pieces I have seen so far are one type of fabric.

She did continue to show some pieces in her traditional cut and signature fabric.

All Runway Images: The Official NYFW App

All day long!

Any special event or dinner

Hello gorgeous!

But she also added some great, edgy leather type looks that were fabulous!

Love this!

Is anyone else dying for this one?!

Uhhh…..yes please!!!

But wait there’s more. Then she added color to this fabulous look.


Lady in Red! Look at the layered peplum!!!

I almost jumped over Fran Drescher and tackled this model. I must have this!!!

Cray cray awesome, perfect, must have!!!!

Then for the ladylike look she added some sheer and embellishment.

So chic

So sweet

So everything good.

And for the girl with a little spunk, she gave some prints and texture.

I don’t even do prints and I love this.

Now that’s making an entrance!

I’ll take a dozen! Look at that neckline!

Wait, there’s even some sparkle,

Sparkly Moto in baby blue?!!! Yes!!!!

Hello design that looks good on everyone!

And unusual oversized silhouettes.

Sooooo Dr Zhivago 🙂

Chic and simple.

I am including the link to the fashion show with the finale at the end. Definitely watch the show. My suggestion is not to skip to the finale.  I think they really missed the boat on the finale clothes on this one. There was an amazing variety in the show, but the finale all kind of looked the same.