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Karigam: New Fashion Week Favorite!

My favorite show of Fashion Week was Karigam.

Karina Gamez grew up in Venezuela. She studied business and Fashion Design and in 2014 launched her brand in New York.  She was one of the treasures that you find when you go off the beaten path from the big names during Fashion Week. She is a small brand with a clear vision.

As Fashion Week is all over the city now, her show was at one of the venues in Pier 59.

We waited in line with everyone, (people watching is one of the best things about the shows!)

People waiting in line for Karigam show

As we entered, they had the space softly lit with green lighting.

All the seating was numbered and everyone found their seat.

Right before the show started, all the lights went down except for the end of the runway.

Then, it started.


Her lines are strong, her textures are stunning

Her colors are just breathtaking.

There was so much to see. I wanted everything! I took so many pictures I’m going to put them in a picture gallery for you, (there are over 150!).

Here is the finale to give you a glimpse of how gorgeous the collection is:

Karina was kind enough to give us an interview after the show. I apologize for the audio issues, but I thought you’d want to see it anyway. She is an unbelievably talented young woman, who designs clothes that are strong, confident and feminine.

I love NYFW!!!!!