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Cold Shoulder for Spring

Good news: the last place you gain weight is in your shoulders, right? Guess what a big trend is this Spring…shoulders!!!!

It’s not the cold shoulder the way it used to be, but a plethora of shoulder baring options that will guarantee something for everyone.

The new shoulder trend is one that spans all styles from an active vibe,

To a more tailored and business like look,

Photo: Courtesy Photo

To more contemporary and strong lines,

Photo: Courtesy Photo

To a Soft and feminine finish.


From dressed up,

To chic and casual.

And everything in between.

But the one thing it is in all styles, is different. ¬†Different than the cold shoulder you’ve seen before. If you want the new look, leave yesterday’s cold shoulder looks at home.¬†

One option in the new cold shoulder styles looks almost strapless with a little something holding it up in the middle.


Another option looks like a halter top with sleeves.


Some new looks don’t even look like the sleeves are connected!


And some look like layers but it’s really all together to give the effect.

With all these options it should be easy to add something to your Spring wardrobe that looks new with the bare shoulder trend. You can add something as simple as a blouse

Photo: Getty Images

An everyday dress

Or a pantsuit.

Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images

But as long as you’re not the one with bare shoulders right under the air conditioning, you will definitely find something that works for you.