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What Should I Buy Now? (Blush Edition)

Blush, (the color), is soft, flattering, feminine and anti-aging. Why aren’t we living in it?!

Now, I say Blush but I mean pretty much anything in the softer pink category. Sometimes all the soft colors blend together and it’s hard to tell if it’s cream with a pink hue, blush with a taupe hue, toast/tan/blush combo, a little more orchid, etc., you get the idea.

This color family is extremely flattering, which makes it a beauty darling.

 It can be very designer,

source: Balmain

Or simply chic,

Source: Donna Karan

Or very every day.

Wearing it with jeans is a natural.

source: Mindy Mae's Market

You can wear it with a classic black bag,


But if you want to make it a little more current or a statement look, keep it light all the way down.

source: bloglovin'

It can be a wonderful way to add softness to cold weather fashion,

source: vogue

and it’s a “no brainer” on the warm days.

source: Damsel in Dior

It can be the accessory.

soure: lebutiksofie

It can be one signature piece in your outfit,

source: shopstyle

or it can be the whole look.

You can go so light it’s almost white,


or go for a more saturated look.

source: Vogue
source: ecastasy models

Yes, all this is to reinforce that it is hard to do wrong.

It really is flattering to your skin and makes you look younger, so I think it’s something we can all get behind!

Your mission should you choose to accept:
1. Go to your closet and see what you have in this color category. (It’s good to take a fresh look as sometimes we forget about things we’ve had for awhile.)
2. See what still fits, then see what needs to be cleaned or repaired if it’s a good piece.
3. Now look at any pieces you have in white, cream, vanilla, tan, toast, taupe or grey and see what might work with your blush. (Don’t be afraid to mix these colors all together).
4. Try to decide on a few pivotal pieces to shop for. These should be things that you know you’ll wear, so your comfort zone is very important. Is it a jacket? A long tee? A blouse? A bag?
5. Put on your new outfits, walk out of the house and take over the world!

Go forth and conquer 🙂