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Packing for LA

(or as I like to call it, too many leather jackets!)

I’m heading to Los Angeles in the morning and I have to say, I am not in the mood to pack! The weather out there is warm, and that’s wonderful, but I have a hard time getting my head into the warm wardrobe mode when I have been in the snow for months.

In trying to strike a compromise and having no idea what I’m going to be doing out there for the most part, I have decided on a mix and match solution.

Starting out with a leather jacket, top, jeans and wedge sneakers. I hope this means I won’t be too warm but I won’t feel too uncovered either!

These are the basic elements of what I am going to pack. Here is another variation on the theme.

With a pair of black leggings and a pair of jeans, I can go casual or dress it up a bit. But, they both go with all the jackets.

If I do want to dress up a little bit, I have some great boots to add to the outfit!

These are the most pampered pair of boots in the universe! But as you can see, they look great with everything.

A little dressier yet with some great jewelry:

And if I want to wear a dress, this one works perfectly with the boots and I can throw a jacket over it.

I did manage to pack a top that isn’t leather.

My favorite outfit for the plane is a lightweight jacket, tank, black leggings, boots that are easy to take off going through security, and my favorite wrap that doubles as a blanket on the plane.

Oh, and one more leather jacket, just in case!

Sometimes when I’m not in the mood to pack. I end up over packing. I think you can see why I called this blog, “too many leather jackets!”

Los Angeles, here I come! 🙂