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We’re going to Ireland!

2023 Ireland Trip!

Come with me to the Emerald Isle!

Hello my friend!

Great news: the #1 most requested trip is finally here…we are going to Ireland!!! Rick has put together a fabulous trip in 2023 to some of the most beautiful, charming places you’ve always wanted to see. We are so excited! I know it takes a while to make plans and we wanted to make sure everyone has time so we are opening up the tickets now. This is the trip of a lifetime to one of the most beautiful places on earth, with people who are legendary in their hospitality. I can’t wait to see “The Emerald Isle” and I hope you come with me. Bring your friends and make some new ones on our trip to Ireland!
When? June 24th –  July 1st, 2023
Please contact Rick Carlson for more information:
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