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Banana Bread

This Banana Bread is a recipe my sister found probably 25 years ago and it has been a family staple ever since. It is perfect for brunch or as a dessert treat.

I made it the other night just so I could do this blog on it, and of course promptly forgot to take pictures of the first few steps! Sorry! (ADD table for 1!)

In a large bowl combine 1/2c softened butter, 1c sugar, 2 eggs, 1c mashed bananas, 1t vanilla, 1/2c sour cream, 2c sifted all-purpose flour, 1t baking powder, 1/2t salt and 1t baking soda. (This is how I mash the bananas)
This is how I sift the flour. It may not be the most advanced way but this is how my Mom taught me to do it :)
Shaking the sieve over the measuring cup :)
Make sure it’s a BIG bowl!
When you start mixing, start on a low speed so you don’t have flour fly everywhere
keep mixing until it looks like a creamy thicker cake batter
Time to make the topping. Chop 1/2c pecans
add to 1/2c sugar and 1/2t cinnamon
Mix it all up
Grease a loaf pan. I used butter, but have also used Crisco or oil.
Spoon most of the topping into the bottom of an empty pan. (Pay no attention to the 2 pans, I doubled the recipe). Give it a shake so it’s even.
Then pour the batter into the loaf pan.
Spoon remaining topping on top
Put in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour.
Bake until a knife comes out almost clean.
Remove the banana bread from the pan while it’s hot. Most of the crust will be on the bottom, so I put it face down on tin foil so I can flip it right side up on a platter.
Slice it while it’s hot, and it’s even better with butter :)

Its crazy yummy 🙂