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I sat down to watch “Whiplash” last night. To be honest with you, I wasn’t really excited to see it. I had not heard anything about until the Oscars and was prepared to be underwhelmed but entertained by another story of an aspiring, downtrodden musician who eventually makes it…Wow. I could not have been more wrong.

This was jarring, abrupt, unexpected and sometimes difficult to watch. My whole body was tense with suspense, and that was the quiet parts, I almost came out of my chair at some points!

Most of the film was shot in these cool color tones and darker, vertical lighting that took you right back to the fluorescent lighting in those old buildings that were the schools many of us attended.

The characters were stark and defined, but still gave twists and turns you never saw coming, and an ending I NEVER saw coming.

I was exhausted from watching it and absolutely think it deserved the Oscar nods.

Yes, in some ways it was about the drummer. But really it was about passion, driving beyond your limits, pushing for something you want more than anything. What is it worth? It makes you question your interpretation of another’s motives and wonder about your concepts of right and wrong.

It also makes you wonder about yourself: what do I expect of myself? What do I settle for? What could I be if I went beyond what is comfortable or what is easy? What would I be willing to give? What is the potential of someone who is willing to give everything to be the best at something? Then it is interesting to  ask exactly the same questions of society, that you just asked of yourself.

Whiplash is a straight between the eyes hit of a movie, and it’s not a softball. If you are offended by language it is not your movie. If you like tough and thought provoking, it definitely is.