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‘The Shack’ Review: Emotional, Comforting & Inspiring

When my Mother passed away I read the book, “The Shack”. I don’t remember if someone recommended it or gave it to me. It was a difficult time, so the details are a little fuzzy. I do remember that it was comforting, so when the movie came out, I really wanted to see it.
Casting is important, and this was perfect. I love Octavia Spencer. Every time I see her she has such a sure, calming presence I just want to run away and go live with her. It lent itself beautifully to her playing God, as God is not dependent on any specific physical form.
This movie was unbelievably intense, sometimes because it is very upsetting and sometimes because it is so inspiring. It was one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen, and I do not think there was anyone in the theater that walked away unaffected.
They spent the first 15 minutes or so on the tragedy that set the events into play. The portrayal of a pain so boundless and without reason was gut wrenching and hard to watch. The emotional and spiritual journey to redemption was just as intense. Sam Worthington’s humanity as Mack, made you feel as though somehow it was you going through every step.
In some ways it was very Christian and in some ways it applied to every faith. I do not think anyone could see it and not be moved and inspired and thoughtful. It seems that we live in a time where there is anger and fear coming at you from every direction. This was an oasis of comfort and inspiration. It lifted you out of the fear and pressure and felt like a moment of pure sunshine and transcendence.
I hope everyone sees it. I think everyone can take their own blessing from it in their own way.
But make sure you take a lot of tissues.