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The Quin, a Fave :)

I have to admit that one of the things I like to splurge on is a nice hotel. In a place like Manhattan, that isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. One of my favorites, (I’m always cruising Trivago for a good rate), is The Quin. It’s a newer property, it just opened in 2013, which means nothing has had time to wear out yet! It’s all nice and new.

The Quin is a great location for shopping and theater. It is on the corner of 57th and 6th. A stones throw from my favorite dinner restaurant, Quality Meats, the same block as my favorite salad place, Fresh & Co, about a block from Central Park, Bergdorf’s and 5th Avenue, and walking distance to the Theater District and Times Square.

Now that’s convenient!

When you walk in the lobby it has a large, open feel. Lots of light, and a contemporary look without being cold.
The TV screens on the walls are always changing and the textures mirrored panels on the ceiling add light and color to the room.
The Concierge desk is one of my favorite areas, (I know that’s odd, but the room is very cool with a Croco texture in the plaster type walls and lots of marble).
There is a very chic little library/study off the Concierge area. I’ve always wanted to curl up with a good book there.
The bed is comfortable and the sheets are nice, (I’m picky about sheets!).
The opposite side is a nice built in work/entertainment area.
The far side of the room is windows with a large 2 layer shade.
But the Piece de resistance is the bathroom. There is a large mirror, lots of natural stone and a good use of space.
The sink is especially nice, with the faucet and marble counter top.
The walls and shower are all natural stone. It’s a nice size shower, with a built-in bench and a decadent shower set up.
The lighting is amazing! It is more flattering than any lighting I’ve seen in a bathroom, (including my own!). I think it’s a “Narcissus” mirror. But don’t believe it, the flattery doesn’t last beyond the bathroom. Just a temporary compliment :)
The blinds are an opaque blind in the back and a sheer blind in the front. So you can decide if you want a little light or more.
It is all controlled by a tablet by the side of the bed. You can control anything in the room without getting up!
When you close both blinds it reminds me of a cozy little sleeping car on a luxury railroad many years ago. (I don’t know why really, just how it hits my imagination).