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One of the things I loved about my time at QVC is that there was always something new to learn. New people, new brands and new insights kept things interesting.

After being on the job for over 15 years, I was very excited when they asked me to create some items of clothing based on what I wore. A new project, a new way to learn; a new challenge! I suggested calling it G.I.L.I., which stands for Got it Love it,  as it started out being based on things I owned. The first pieces were introduced in the beginning of “The Lisa Robertson Show”, and the line grew from there.

To learn that I could take a concept from a piece that I loved and interpret it in a different, more wearable or more affordable way, was exciting. To come in with stacks of pictures, as well as samples and say, “take this concept from this pair of pants off the runway and make it a skirt, or this collar on this other jacket, or this concept in a different fabrication”,  and see it happen was so exciting. The original concepts were made into CAD drawings, we tweaked the drawings, decided which drawings should become samples, what type of fabrication we wanted the sample in, waited for the first samples from the factories, pinned, discussed, tweaked; sent it back for a second sample, and did the process again. Looking at it on a model, “how does it lay? How does it fit? Is it flattering? Is it comfortable? Is it what we were looking for? Where does it hit the knee? Nip in the hem to make the tush look better!” Etcetera. Finally it would go to a fit sample and we would finalize fabric and colors and place the order.

Once the item was on its way, then there was the juggling act of “when can we get samples? When can we get it on the models to promote? When can I get pictures for FB?  When will it be available to actually sell? What do you mean one color didn’t come in because there was an issue?” Etc, etcetera,.

I did it because I loved it, not because of a bottom line. It is and has always been owned by QVC, I did not have a financial stake in the line. I put my heart and soul into it because it was something I loved and was proud of. It was an amazing opportunity, an exciting challenge, and I learned so much more than I thought possible in these last few years.

My connection with the line was one of the hardest things to leave at QVC.  I loved creating it, but when the decision was made that I was leaving the company, unfortunately, I had to leave the line as well.

It is hard to let go, but now it is time to look forward. What I learned, in creating G.I.L.I. is part of what makes the future exciting. There are very interesting possibilities. These things always take more time than you would think. But I will definitely keep you posted and you will be the first to know when there is something I can tell you : )