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When I was a little girl, we did not watch much TV, I had never been to a movie theater and video games had not been invented yet. We did a lot of playing and a lot of reading. Our neighbors were the Barrow family. There were 5 children in our family and 4 children in theirs and our parents had been friends before any of us were even born.  They were like extended family. In the Barrows home, in a little side room with a window that went from the floor to the ceiling, was a wall full of bookshelves that were full of beautiful books. My favorites were the large hardback Fairytale books. They had beautiful ornate covers and important gold gilded bindings and I felt like they carried their own bit of magic. I would sit for hours on the floor in front of the bookcase, in the sunlight coming in the window, reading the stories I had fallen in love with again and again. Cinderella was, of course, one of my favorites. I do not know how many times I sat in the sun and read that book. As a child’s imagination has no boundaries, the words on the pages became the most beautiful, enchanted kingdom, with the most beautiful girl, the grandest Palace and the most magical Fairy Godmother. I have always had a soft spot for Fairy Tales and beautiful stories, so I have seen a number of versions of Cinderella through the years. I have always believed that no movie could equal the pictures in your mind when you read a great story, but I think this movie might be the exception. It was as beautiful, magical, grand and enchanted as my imagination as a child. I have now seen it twice in 2 days and I am sure I will see it again. It is amazing how you sit in the theater and go back to the wide eyed wonder of a little girl. To see something beautiful, positive and uplifting, that reminds you how it felt to be a child, before the “harness” of adulthood, is a wonderful little vacation and reminder. I highly recommend it. 🙂