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I’ve always been a talker. My family’s stories from before I can remember prove I was born this way. But in my defense, what is better than truly connecting with another person? Whether it is a few words for a shared laugh, a deep conversation where things are learned or a friendship that gives you both for years?

Being on camera for over 20 years gave me the chance to talk to a lot of people, social media gave them the chance to talk back. I loved both. This page is a natural next step. It is a place to share a passion for fashion, beauty, recipes, exercise, travel and viewpoints, and a place for you to talk back. This page is a relationship, a friendship that will evolve and change with time. Is it going to be perfect? No. Is it going to be set in stone? No. Is it going to change with your thoughts and feedback? Yes, but please be gentle, lol!

This is a place where you can find all the blogs that I have done and of course, I’ll be adding a lot of new ones. It is also a place where we can all decide the questions we want answered and I will find the experts who can answer them.

There are more things coming, but for right now, let’s talk. Isn’t that how a good friendship starts?

About Lisa

Lisa Robertson is a designer, fashion authority and TV personality. She created and designed the G.I.L.I. Line starting in 2012. The line included fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, gifts and Christmas Decor. She was a hands-on manager and designer, creating every detail of the product and how it would be presented. After a strong first year the line grew over 2,000% under her direction by the end of the 3rd year. She created and designed the line, while working as a host on QVC. In her 20 years with the company she became an authority in fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty and style. She pioneered new programs for working with social media and the Internet, creating a community that was linked to e-commerce.

In 2015 she was interviewed by Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” and has appeared as an expert on “The Anderson Cooper” show, “The Bethenny Frankel Show”, “The Wendy Williams Show”, “The Big Idea, with Donny Deutsch”, and more. She was cited as one of New Beauty’s “Beauty Authorities” in 2014, was featured on the cover of Main Line Today as one of “21 Power Women”, received the 2014 Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award, and has appeared in other publications, such as Vogue, People, USAToday, etc.

Lisa began her electronic retailing career in Knoxville, TN at Shop At Home in 1991 and from there joined a small team to build a shopping channel from the ground up, VIA–TV Home Shopping. Prior to her experience in electronic retailing, Lisa served as the spokesperson for the Cultured Pearl Association of America and Japan, under the auspices of the annual beauty pageant to select “The U.S. Pearl Princess.” Lisa was “The U.S. Pearl Princess” in 1990.

In June 1989, Lisa was crowned Miss Tennessee in the Miss America pageant. During her reign, Lisa served as the spokesperson for the “Drug Free Tennessee” program. She did extensive public speaking for this program for schools, businesses and community groups. She received an Outstanding Service Award from Tennessee Governor Ned McWherter for her contributions to this program. During her reign, Lisa also sang at a New Jersey Nets Game and with the Pride of the South Marching Band at the University of Tennessee’s 98,000–seat stadium. During that time, Lisa, who is a trained classical violinist, also spent considerable time entertaining by playing the fiddle (Tennessee’s chosen instrument), singing, and public speaking.

Lisa has a passion for travel, having traveled to 22 countries to learn about their culture. Her travel started as a violinist in of one of the country’s top Youth Symphonies where, besides performing at Carnegie Hall, they traveled to the Far East, Russia and Romania before the fall of the Iron Curtain, and “Down Under”.

Lisa received her B.S. in Long–Term Health Care Administration from Southern College, Collegedale, TN.


  • Recognized as one of Philadelphia’s “21 Power Women.”
  • Recipient of the 2014 Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award
  • Miss Tennessee 1989
  • US Pearl Princess 1990